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May. 31, 2020 | Sunday
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Artifact of the Week – Oct. 17
This week's artifact of the week.

Last week’s artifact was a waffle iron dating to ca. 1800 and was placed over a hearth or stone oven to heat and cook the liquid mixture. The concept of the waffle iron originated in about the 14th century, (although some food historians would date it to the time of the ancient Greeks), when two hinged elaborately patterned plates with wooden handles would bake over a fire. Cooks would have to be careful using the early model seen here, as hot liquid could escape while cooking, leading to painful burns. On August 24, 1869, Cornelius Swarthout of Troy, N.Y., patented the first stove-top waffle iron, making the baking process safer.

This week’s clue:

Before cameras, my counterpart and I were the only way to record an individual’s appearance.

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Last week’s correct: Susan Pohorly, Sheryl Christensen