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May. 26, 2020 | Tuesday
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The Golden Plunger: De Simone Vineyards
Vincenzo De Simone, winemaker accepts theĀ Golden Plunger award. (Supplied)

Betty and Jane

Plunger Patrol

De Simone Vineyards is located in the heart of Niagara-on-the-Lake within the Four Mile Creek Appellation.

This boutique winery focuses on quality from the vineyard to bottle. De Simone uses the emblem of a horse as a symbol of strong motivation that carries one through life. Well, you know what motivates us and carries us off? Weak bladders and the need to report all the Golden Plunger award-winning bathrooms. The winery carries its quality from the vineyard to the bottle and from the boutique to the bathrooms. Someone there loves posting paper signs. Outside there is one informing you that there is a camera on you as you stand by the adobe oven. There is also a sign taped above the commode instructing you to not climb on and squat. We didn’t need to know the circumstances that prompted putting the sign up. We were told it was an ongoing problem. The sign likely created some colourful wine tasting banter. De Simone can now post a new sign in its bathroom.

3/5 Gold Plungers