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Aug. 9, 2020 | Sunday
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Travel poem- Reflections on cruise holidays



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NOTL's Ward Simpson shared this poem with fellow Rotarians at their December meeting, just after he and his wife Oresta had returned from their European river cruise.

The Curse of Cruising

I wake up in the morning to a lovely cup of tea
With my hubby standing next to me smiling down on me
“Have a biscuit with it. Put shoes upon your feet.
Let’s hurry down to breakfast,
It must be time to eat.”

There’s shuffleboard and other games and sitting in the sun
Talks and quizzes, singing too and other lots of fun.
I chat to people I don’t know – so many still to meet
But gosh! Where has the morning gone?
It must be time to eat.

After lunch we sit around doing not a lot
Then hubby says, “A cup of tea? Let’s look at what they’ve got.
Those sandwiches and cakes look nice. Just give yourself a treat.
It’s two whole hours since we had lunch.
It must be time to eat.”

Then I feel all guilty so I rush off to the gym
and leap and prance and jump and dance and stretch out every limb.
Then shower and change and preen and pat and check that all is neat
A quick drink in the bar and then
It must be time to eat.

Later there are shows and jokes and songs for her and him
Then I stagger to my cabin ‘cos I’m full up to the brim.
But what’s that on my pillow so tempting and so sweet?
Ooooh! A little square of chocolate!
It must be time to eat.

I know what’s going to happen when I’m home and on the scales
And the arrow whizzes upward and I’m thinking of beached whales
And my clothes no longer fit me and the edges will not meet
It's just the curse of cruising
It must be time to eat.