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Aug. 9, 2020 | Sunday
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Golden Plunger: Silversmith Brewing Co.
Jessie Bridge accepts the Golden Plunger award for Silversmith Brewery

Betty & Jane Golden Plunger NOTL


Silversmith Brewing Co.

1523 Niagara Stone Rd., Virgil

The travelling gals almost missed the next destination at Silversmith Brewing Co. as it is located in an 1890s church in Virgil. This brewery "oozes" with charm as you admire the exposed beams and brick walls, which are architecturally reclaimed. Even the tables are made from wooden church pews. Silversmith offers its award-winning Black Lager and the "Altar kitchen" offerings will excite your palate. Our visit to the "water closet" downstairs found a facility for single users, with ample supplies and one could say that, "Cleanliness is next to godliness"  in this "hallowed space. We wish the Silversmith brewery "cheers and packed pews" in this festive season as it earned 3/5 Golden Plungers.


3 / 5 Golden Plungers