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Feb. 24, 2020 | Monday
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Golden Plunger: Oban Inn
Christine Colbey accepts the award for the Oban Inn. (supplied photo)

Tucked away from the busy historic town of NOTL we came upon the boutique hotel called the Oban Inn (Gaelic for “Little Bay”), with a “swimmingly” great view of the lake. The Inn was first opened in1824 and definitely reflects a historic charm all its own. Today this Inn offers various suites, and a Spa. We sampled a delightful lunch at the Oban restaurant while enjoying the “refection and warmth” of the view. The “privy” continued the Inn’s unique architecture from the geometric tiled floors, private stalls, and single porcelain sinks. Hand towels were provided and added a personal touch. The Oban Inn certainly earned 4\5 Golden Plungers.