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Oct. 28, 2021 | Thursday
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Horoscope: A new moon brings some new beginnings
Looking to the Stars.

This week we have an amazing new moon in Virgo on Monday, Sept. 6 and much to do about Neptune in Pisces.

Thursday, Sept. 2: While a strong moon in Cancer is in perfect harmony with Neptune in Pisces, a finicky Mars in Virgo opposes Neptune, the planet of imagination and good fortune. It is important to pay special attention to matters having to do with health and work today. It was Sept. 2, 1666, that a fire broke out at a bakeshop in London, England. Within days, it had consumed 80 per cent of the city and would forever be known as The Great Fire of London.

Friday, Sept. 3: Today Venus in Libra makes for a stressful relationship with Neptune. While charm mostly works for the better, today it may give us aches and pains. Frank Capra, the Hollywood director of many huge hits, most famously "Mr. Smith goes to Washington" starring Jimmy Stewart, died 30 years ago on Sept. 3, 1991.

Saturday, Sept. 4: Mercury is the planet associated with smart thinking. Saturn is all serious and business. Today they are in perfect harmony, bringing good ideas to all matters involving security. Happy Birthday #40 to Beyonce Knowles.

Sunday, Sept. 5: Today may seem somewhat like a repeat of Friday as Venus and not Neptune, but Pluto are in conflict. Today, charm is thwarted by powers from deep within. Also: Bob Newhart is 92 and Michael Keaton is 70.

Monday, Sept. 6: One of the most auspicious new moons of 2021 is today. It’s time for new beginnings, especially regarding all matters Virgo, like health and clever ideas. In addition, the sun and moon are in perfect harmony with Uranus, making for big positive steps toward cherished goals. And Venus and Jupiter form another harmony in Libra and Aquarius, empowering similar events. Pink Floyd bassist, singer and lyricist, Roger Waters turns 78 today.

Tuesday, Sept. 7: Sexy, warm and generous are three words to describe what’s up right now thanks to the moon and Mars in the same pace in Libra. Sept. 7, 1896, was the day of the first race using automobiles. The winner was A.H. Whiting, whose vehicle was electric and won with an average speed of 26.8 mph over five miles.

Wednesday, Sept. 8: A day where serious ideas aid in healing old wounds. Mercury in Libra is in perfect harmony with Saturn in Aquarius. With Saturn retrograde this may be step two in a process that began in January 2021 and wraps up in October 2022. "Star Trek," the original TV series, first premiered on Sept., 8, 1966, starring William Shatner as Captain Kirk and Leonard Nimoy as First Officer Spock.

Next week, Venus moves out of Libra and into Scorpio. Mars goes from Virgo into Libra. And we have a first quarter moon in Sagittarius.

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