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May. 20, 2022 | Friday
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Virgil Business Park shop owners want visible signage
Some business owners say they want a better signage at the end of Henegan Road. (Dariya Baiguzhiyeva/Niagara Now)

Business owners in the Virgil Business Park want better signage.

Carol Hubert, who owns Peninsula Flooring with her husband Art, says there are people who have lived locally for years who have no idea there is even a flooring business in town, and believes part of that is a direct result of the lack of signage.

Currently there is only a sign advertising the Business Park itself, and doesn’t list any of the businesses inside.

The sign is also overgrown by a large evergreen bush.

Hubert says customers sometimes call to ask where the Virgil Business Park is too, with the sign being so out of view from Niagara Stone Road.

“Businesses that rely on foot traffic need more recognition,” said Hubert. “I think that should be a Virgil Business Park sign and then anybody who wants to have their business recognized — that’s in the Virgil Business Park — should be able to put a town-approved sign underneath it to say, ‘We’re down here,’ — like a strip mall.”

Jenna Miles, owner of Srcvinyl, agrees.

“Having a sign at the end of Henegan Road, on Niagara Stone Road, would be greatly beneficial not only to the businesses but anyone looking for business located on Henegan. With the road located near residencies, it is often easily missed when driving by,” she said, adding she would be willing to pay to have her logo under the Virgil Business Park sign.

“Virgil is quickly growing into a unique community and updating the signage at the end of the road could provide a more progressive representation of the industrial business park,” Miles said.

Claudia Disante of Disante Electrical Mechanical echoed a similar sentiment, that clients often need a few directions to find them.

“Usually, the way we get them to notice that this is the business park is we tell them, ‘We’re right before the lights, where the Gales gas station is, and then they picture that in their mind. We’re also using the roundabout as a point of reference, just to give them an idea otherwise they generally drive right by.”

Disante said she would also agree to pay and have her business name on the sign.

“I think that definitely better signage would probably get more people to drive through here and find us a little bit easier.”

Gould Automotive’s owner, Hugh Gould, also said people sometimes call them for directions.

“They phone and they ask where we are. We tell them to look for a big peach sign. Sometimes they don’t see it because it can be not visible.”

Closets by Design owner Bob Fraser said having better signage is not “as essential” to them.

“Whether or not we have signage out on the street, I don’t think it’s as important to us personally.”

However, if other businesses were to put up their logos on the sign, he said he would consider investing because of the importance of the “ground awareness.”


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