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Oct. 16, 2021 | Saturday
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George Krissa performs in one-night concert before Shaw debut
George Krissa performs at Corks Winebar and Eatery Feb. 9 (Submitted)

Making waves in the local theatre scene, George Krissa is coming to Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Most recently known for his portrayal of Rocky in the Rocky Horror Picture Show at Stratford Festival, he will be playing Tommy Albright, the lead in the Shaw Festival’s showing of Brigadoon.

Rob Burke, producer and co-founder of Something-Something Productions booked him for a one-night concert event at Corks Theatre Playhouse on Feb. 9. The show will feature Krissa and a few special guests performing an eclectic range of songs.

“There’s not really a story-line. It’s a collection of songs that I really love and that I think people will enjoy. There’s a little bit of everything - there’s traditional and contemporary musical theatre, there’s a few duets. I’m doing country and funk and soul. It’s eclectic but cohesive,” Krissa said.

He will be giving the audience a sneak peek into his role in Brigadoon, which he said has been a favourite of his for a long time.

“Honestly, I think it’s the music. It has these incredible songs and soaring melodies that are just so beautiful,” he said, adding that it’s a show people can relate to. “Any of those old, golden age musicals, it’s surprising how relevant they still are.”

They will be performing the revised version of Brigadoon, which Krissa said is a little more current.

“They go deeper into some of the characters and they punch up the funny a little bit. I think people are going to be really interested in seeing that as well. I’m very excited to be one of the people who get to introduce it to the Shaw audience.”

Hearing about past performances, Burke said he was eager to get him in town for a show.

“I just kept seeing how incredible Rocky Horror was through the reviews and reading about the people in it. His name kept popping up. I looked him up and I found out through his agent that he was going to be doing something big in the Niagara region. Soon after it was being announced that he was going to be the lead in Brigadoon at the Shaw Festival.”

Burke said he was fortunate Krissa was scheduled to appear at Shaw or he might not have been able to book him.

“I was already thinking of having him come in and do a concert. The next thing you know I was talking to his agent.” Burke said he felt like it was meant to be.

“It’s kind of cool to take someone with so much experience like that and bring them in to perform for everyone. I think it would be great for Niagara, especially NOTL, featuring artists that could possibly be going to the Shaw festival; it’s right here in our backyard.”

Krissa has the same enthusiasm in coming to NOTL and performing Brigadoon at Shaw.

“Being at the Shaw festival has been a goal of mine since before I even moved to Toronto. To actually get to perform there is a bit of a dream come true.”

He said he thought it was a good idea to fit a one-night show in leading up to the Shaw opening.

“It’s kind of a great way to introduce myself to the people in the area and sing some songs that I never get to sing. And to entertain some people, because that’s what I really love to do.”

Brigadoon will run from May to October of this year. Krissa will also be performing in Shaw’s rendition of The Horse and His Boy, which will run from April to July.