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May. 27, 2020 | Wednesday
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Writer's Circle: Innocent
Bill Hamilton. (Supplied)


“Witchy come Warlock sweep the hearth clean

Stoke up the fire with bellows to the screen!”

Ardent lass, she made her way, at sunrise midst the dew

Air refreshed by rain past night, steadily passing through.

She stooped to pick a daisy bright, along the winding path

Shining midst the golden mist, soon after nature’s wrath.

North Berwick soon lay in her view and townsfolk filled the street

But commotion rose further down, a crowd was on its’ feet.

Closer she drew to see the cause of voices raised in ire

As the masses grew, she could hear them chant the words “Liar, Liar!”

Now she could see, who the vengeful mob were taking here to task

Isabel, Bessie her trusted friends, shackled as they removed their mask.

“Witches” cried someone “Witches they are” and the crowd it seemed agreed

Took herbs from the Queen of Elfame, made potions with the seed!

“It’s not true” Alison yelled and broke through the ranks of the angry mob

“They’re innocent I say and that’s the truth”, as she gave a gentle sob.

A boy cried “witch, I saw her with them,” pointing where she stood

They grabbed her too and shackled limbs, insanity was the mood!

And so the three were led away to be tried for trumped up crimes

Alison cried “this can’t be true” but these were suspicious times.

Tortured, tried and convicted these three faced an ugly fate

Surrounded by fire each would die, upon a wooden stake.

But sometimes injustice pays a price for taking lives and still

Our three victims aren’t at rest, they wander the town at will

When the moon is full, they haunt this town and seek their vengeful peers

And play upon their minds to conjure, up their hidden fears.

Three stakes appear in flame, as spirits circle hallowed heights

Demonic cries and gory visions echo from these ugly sprites!

Remember then, these victims three and why they’re restless souls

Unjustly accused and killed at will, to die among the coals.

“Witchy come Warlock sweep the hearth clean

Stoke up the fire with bellows to the screen!”


Authors Note: I have always had an interest in the witch trials of Salem Mass. U.S.A. — a few months ago we went to Edinburgh, Scotland and enjoyed the “Ghost and Ghouls” tour of the underground city. There were tales of witches as well as the ruthless torture and killing of these innocent women.


Bill’s interest in writing started in University. Reactivated by the NOTL Writer’s Circle he has had several of his works published. Poetry is his main passion and his poem “Angel’s Ghost” hangs in Ontario’s oldest tavern the “Angel Inn”. He is currently working on an anthology of poetry for publication.