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Jan. 19, 2020 | Sunday
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Flooding not on NPCA radar
Flooding at Butler's Burial Ground Sunday. (Eunice Tang/Special)

The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority has yet to issue a flood warning for Niagara-on-the-Lake this year, despite fast moving waters and high levels in creeks.

On March 10, NOTL saw a “rain on snow event” with snow melting and peaking water levels, but not to any major point of flooding that would have activated a flood warning, said Ryan Kitchen, Water Resources Technician of the NPCA.

“The water levels at Four Mile Creek at Line 4, they jumped about a metre,” said Kitchen of the impact from the rain.

“It just got to the local flooding area, it didn’t get to the 100-year level, which is the level that we’re concerned with, where residents’ homes might be impacted.”

Kitchen said, “for the most part we’re out of the woods,” suggesting that all the snow has melted for the season though some ditches may be filled with snow drift.

“We still might have some frozen soil, which will not allow the water to enter into those soils,” he said.

“Those soils are also saturated, so whatever rain we do get will make its way to the creeks quicker.”

For residents living on creeks, from One Mile Creek all the way out to Eight Mile Creek, Kitchen said it’s important to monitor water levels and check the NPCA website for any messages indicating areas of concern.

“As of right now with this rain that’s going to be coming … I don’t have a concern, although low-lying flood-prone areas might be impacted,” he said speaking to the forecast of heavy rain.

“There’s no major risk at this point – that doesn’t mean to say a thunderstorm could pop up … And thunderstorms are always notoriously unpredictable.”

Kitchen monitors the weather every day for the region, examining the water levels and soil conditions to determine any flood risks.

In NOTL, the NPCA has just one gauge that measures water levels and precipitation for all creeks. It is stationed on Line 4 above the upper Virgil damn on Four Mile Creek.

Should residents ever come across any flooded areas, especially in floodplain areas, they are asked residents to notify Kitchen directly at or 905-788-3135 x269.

Current flood statuses are available at,