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Jul. 7, 2020 | Tuesday
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NOTL Writers' Circle: Ode to Briar
Bill Hamilton. (Supplied)

(2009 – 2019)
By Bill Hamilton

Her empty leash waves in the morning breeze

Idle to the wind, an icon to our grief.

A void fills my life, as purpose bows to futility,

A realization, an empty corner you’re not there.

Nearby, a Post Office awaits your morning plea

For a biscuit, and a friendly paw shake

But shattered news, quells the greeting

Leaving remorse behind, with those who love you.

The morning walk seems longer now

Unnecessary as it were my gait, now slow.

Like a pup of summer, you romped the fields

Throwing down your body, on your back,

You writhe in pleasure, hitting that spot.

Then, you sprint, tongue lagging in the sun.

In winter, your nose disappears in a white drift

You look back with the freshness of cold air.

You leap ahead through deeper snow,

Beckoning me with that look, to catch up.

Almost ten, your youth shines through

And your summoning love for a welcome pet

Encouraged those around you to say “hi”.

As I stand proud, wallowing in your praise.

Oh I know, life does not go on forever but,

I had hoped you could have stayed longer.

I will honor your life, and never forget

That joy and fulfillment, you gave me and

Unselfish, you were there for me, to listen

On good days and bad, non-judgmental

A nudge of your nose, gave me hope.

Rest in peace, my Briar you are with me

And your memory will live with me, always.


Author’s note:  Last week we had to put down Briar, our beautiful Golden Retriever as she succumbed to cancer.  It was a shock, as we had not realized how serious her condition had become.  Writing is not just a creative avenue for me but a means of therapy.  I direct this particularly to any dog owner or dog lover out there.  Briar was not a dog but she was a member of our family.  Her memory will live on with all who knew her.