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Jul. 7, 2020 | Tuesday
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Betty & Jane Plunger Patrol: Stagecoach
The Stagecoach accepts a 3/5 Golden Plunger award. (Plunger Patrol/Special)

A longtime classic bathroom experience can be had in the heart of Old Town. The Stagecoach’s bathrooms are clean and utilitarian. Their claim to fame is more about familiarity. If you live in Niagara Region, you know the Stagecoach is a favoured breakfast hot spot. We’ve all parked on its porcelain at some time or another. We love the staff, who acknowledge regulars, locals and visitors alike with their friendly service. The smell of toast evokes memories from our youth of late-morning breakfasts after late nights. And by “youth” I mean last week. We ate at the Stagecoach, having slept in after watching the 10 o’clock news the night before. But I could have gone back as far as 1985 for memories. That’s how long the Stagecoach has been operating. This family-friendly diner sports a Diaper Genie. You can rub all you like on that container. We won’t tell you what’s in there but there is no Genie, that’s for sure!

The Stagecoach is a 3/5 Gold Plunger award winner:

3/5 Gold Plungers

Betty & Jane