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Oct. 20, 2019 | Sunday
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First Niagara Falls cannabis store opens tomorrow
Choom Niagara opens tomorrow.

The first cannabis store in Niagara Falls opens tomorrow.

Vancouver-based cannabis brand Choom will unveil its retail concept and experience Saturday morning as one of 25 cannabis stores authorized to open in in the province.

Choom Niagara represents the brand’s first store in Ontario, and the company plans to expand across North America.

The store will carry a range of products, including dried cannabies, pre-rolled joints, oils and capsules. The products are produced by a wide range of Canadian licensed producers, according to a Choom press release.

Store associates have undergone stringent cannabis sommelier training, ensuring clients receive expert customer service customized to their specific needs.

Lisa Bigioni, of Toronto, was selected from a lottery of qualified candidates to own and manage the store.

“I’m delighted to serve the Niagara community, and can’t wait to hit the ground running,” said Bigioni in the press release.

“My goal is for the store to become an indispensable resource for cannabis education and support for the local community. Choom’s extensive experience in regulated industries provides invaluable insight on store operations, and together we’ll deliver a cannabis retail experience the city can be proud of.” 

Choom Niagara is located at 7555 Montrose Rd., Unit E3, Niagara Falls, Ontario. Opening hours are 10am – 8pm (Monday to Wednesday), 10am – 10pm (Thursday to Saturday) and 11am – 6pm (Sunday). For more information, visit