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Oct. 15, 2021 | Friday
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Fill 'er up: Niagara Computer Systems launches ink refill station
Ryan Bridgeman and Dennis Den Besten with their new printer ink refill machine – the only one of its kind in NOTL. (Brittany Carter/Niagara Now)


A hometown computer service company is filling Niagara-on-the-Lake’s ink cartridge needs, quite literally.

Niagara Computer Systems is the first and only location in NOTL with a printer ink refill station, which allows residents to bring empty printer ink cartridges in to the store for onsite refilling.

The service is available now and customers can drop depleted cartridges off to the retail store at 1501 Niagara Stone Rd., unit 2 (near Four Mile Creek Road in Virgil), to be refilled by one of the two trained staff on hand.

It costs between $12 to $40, depending on the brand and size of the cartridge, which will save customers upwards of 80 per cent on printing costs if used consistently, says Dennis Den Besten, owner of the computer repair and retail store. 

The new service will especially benefit small businesses or individuals who do a lot of printing, shaving down printing expenses immensely, says Den Besten.

He is excited to bring the refilling station to town to give residents the opportunity to experience big-box store services with the hometown atmosphere his company provides.

“I’m not one of those up-sell guys. I just look for the right answer,” he says of his approach to helping each customer who walks into his store.

“We emphasize the right answer as opposed to just (pushing) what we sell. If you give people good service and good advice, you’ll do good business because they’ll come back to you. They trust you.”

It’s that level of authenticity that he says keeps his clients coming back. Ryan Bridgeman, a member of the Niagara Computer Systems team for the last couple years, has an unmatched level of patience working with customers, Den Besten says.

“Ryan is great, he’s so patient. People love him.”

Den Besten grew up on a farm on Line 8 Road where his father instilled in him the importance of working hard, he says. It’s also where his desire to sharpen his business acumen began.

After watching and helping his family sell produce on the farm, he decided he wanted a piece of the action. He began working throughout the day digging out Trumpet vine shoots and selling them alongside the family produce, turning his own profit and saving his money. He learned all about hard work and investing during that time, he says.

That work ethic travelled with him throughout his career into the technological world. After working in IT until 2002, he decided to go into business for himself. He has been servicing computers for more than 20 years, working out of the Virgil storefront for more than 15 years now.

Den Besten wants people to know that they don’t need to travel out of town to receive quality computer assistance. He offers a wide variety of repairs, services and sales – eager to put his years of experience to use helping the residents and businesses of his hometown.

The store is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday, and 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturdays. Contact the store at 905-468-8026.