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Nov. 14, 2019 | Thursday
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Exploring photos with Jim Smith: Zoegers' 5 to $1 store
Zoegers' 5 to $1 store. (Jim Smith/Special)

Bill Zoeger and his family ran the five to a dollar store on Queen Street. It was located in the building that used to be By The Lake. This picture shows how it looked in the mid-1940s. The Steward family owned the building and rented apartments upstairs. Besides Zoegers’ store, the building also was home to John Bates’ Rexall Pharmacy and Gus Chambers’ Red & White store. The young woman standing in front of Zoegers’, also known as the “five and 10” store, is Elizabeth Moore, who worked in the store. It was my favourite store as my mother would sometimes buy me gumdrops there.