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Oct. 14, 2019 | Monday
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Mourning dove hatchlings make a home in couple's fern
Young doves rest in a fern on Brian Crow's veranda in NOTL. (Supplied)

When Brian Crow and his wife Marilyn were watering the ferns on their veranda on Wilberforce Avenue in Chautauqua, they found a surprise lurking amid the greenery.

"At one of the ferns we were greeted by two little eyes looking back – those of a mourning dove. At least, that's what we know them as," said Brian.

 The bird seemed very comfortable just sitting there with no apparent fear and did not move. It had nestled in to the fern and was sitting on unhatched eggs.

"We continued to water the fern for the next few days but attempted to keep the water from the eggs," said Brian.

"It worked, as shortly the eggs hatched and we now have two little doves about to make their way in the world.”