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Oct. 22, 2020 | Thursday
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Fix It: Garbage pickup delays frustrate homeowner
Kaspar Pold says the garbage pickup collection delay on Concession 2 Road, where he lives, is not uncommon. (Dariya Baiguzhiyeva/Niagara Now)

Kaspar Pold was planning to bring his garbage, which hadn’t picked up for two days in a row, to the Niagara-on-the-Lake town hall on Tuesday after the Canada Day celebrations were over.

His garbage was finally picked up on Saturday morning but not until Pold had contacted The Lake Report, and we put him in touch with Lord Mayor Betty Disero.

Pold, who lives on Concession 2 Road, said there have been constant delays with the garbage collection for the past two years.

He said his garbage wasn’t collected last Thursday or the following morning, although the recycling was picked up on Friday afternoon.

“To me, this is incomprehensible,” he told The Lake Report questioning how the garbage can be left untouched if the recycling has already been picked up. However, different trucks usually are used for trash and recyclables.

He said for 11 years, the pickup service was working like "clockwork" with no problems "even for one day." When a new contractor was hired by the Region of Niagara, collection issues started and pickup times "stretched longer and longer." A two-day delay is now not “uncommon,” he said.

Pold expressed concerns with the garbage sitting outside as it attracts animals, especially in the summer.

“What I don’t understand is a stark contrast between two years ago and now … I can understand the occasional misfire, but last year was a whole year of misfiring,” he said. “Looks like it’s starting up again this year. Maybe they have a problem with staff, I don’t know."

After Pold emailed the town and received no response, he contacted The Lake Report. The newspaper connected him with Disero, who forwarded Pold’s complaint to Niagara Region, which is responsible for the garbage pickup in NOTL.

In her email response to Pold, Disero said there have been “ongoing issues with the contractor.”

Pold's garbage problem was resolved last week, thanks to Fix It and the lord mayor. But having the mayor intercede every time a resident has a pickup problem is certainly not practical.

Have you had problems with garbage collection? Or is it all running smoothly in your area? Let us know, details below.

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