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Jan. 28, 2020 | Tuesday
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Exploring Photos with Jim Smith: The Cayuga steamer
The Cayuga steamer at the Niagara Dock. (Jim Smith/Special)

The Niagara Dock was a busy and exciting place to spend time in the summer. Fishing, water skiing, taking the ferry or diving for money are just a few of the things kids did. When the steamer, Cayuga arrived at the dock from Toronto, local kids would jump in the water and dive for money. The kids would “tread water” and call up to the passengers on the upper decks, “toss your money in folks.” The passengers would then toss down a quarter, dime or nickel, and when it hit the water the kids would dive down and retrieve it. They would then store the money in their mouth. Seen in the picture is the bow of the Cayuga with the sand sucker C.W. Cadwell coming up river.