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May. 18, 2022 | Wednesday
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Lawn bowlers going 'Green on the Green'
Paul and Mary McHoull are committed to making the NOTL Lawn Bowling Club, and the community centre, a greener place. (Brittany Carter/Niagara Now)

The “Garbage Lady” is bowling over the community centre with her green initiatives for the NOTL Lawn Bowling Club.

Armed with her green bin, information about proper waste and recycling, and a willingness to get her hands dirty, Mary McHoull has begun cleaning up the NOTL Community Centre.

McHoull has taken it upon herself to rid the club of waste in a more sustainable way.

With the help of her husband Paul, the couple has been bringing their bin to and from the community centre on Saturdays when the lawn bowling club has its afternoon tea. Once a month the club holds a barbecue, to which the McHoulls started bringing their large green bin to help recycle organics.

“They don’t do any green bin stuff at the community centre, so we just take it home with us and put it out on our garbage day,” Mary McHoull said.

The couple isn’t content stopping with garbage collection – McHoull said the goal is to also educate and remind people about better recycling habits.

“Once a month we have a newsletter that goes out to all of our members in an email. We have a section in there called Go Green on the Green – it’s all about recycling,” she said. “We’re just trying to educate people.”

McHoull said the club will no longer be buying bottled water either. Instead it will start encouraging members to bring their own refillable bottles to top up at the water refill station at the community centre.

“Once we use up the bottled water that’s there, we’re not buying any more. The members have been told. No more bottled water in the fridge,” she said.

She said members keep forgetting and throwing their stuff in the wrong bins, so she has to keep reminding them.

For anyone interested in practising better waste management at home, McHoull noted Niagara Region has a website dedicated to explaining which items go into which bin.