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Feb. 25, 2020 | Tuesday
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Peace, peaches and perfect weather
Niagara-based band Back in the Daze performs at the peach festival. (Dariya Baiguzhiyeva/Niagara Now)

Peach Festival Day and the living was easy.

Our town was among the best places in the world to be last Saturday. Peace, peaches and people being happy.

The peaches, the music, the festive atmosphere, the strolling tourists. Corn on the cob, peach pie, Algonquin Canoe ice cream cones (not cups) at Taylors.

All of this on Queen Street, which was vehicle-free (yes, the merchants and the town figgered it out.) Not one car or truck on the main thoroughfare of Canada’s prettiest town. “Friends greeting friends, saying How Do you Do, They’re really saying, I Love You.”

Peaceful, thank goodness, even after rumours were spreading at the sports bar and other local watering holes during the previous week that a few aging local troublemakers were going to perpetrate an act of unpleasantness during the Peach Festival.

Congratulations to the organizers. There was so much going on. Local fruit farmers were featured, and our tender fruit industry was front and centre. Vendors under tents added to the ambience and store windows were dressed gaily.

Three bands played off and on for over four hours at the festival, each of them drawing crowds happy to stop, listen, smile and applaud. All of this under blue skies with a few puffy white clouds for contrast, and regular cooling zephyrs from the northwest. The subtle smells of fresh fruit and sunscreen and boiling corn.

So many people closed their eyes, put away their smartphones and lived in the moment. We savoured the senses here in our wonderful hometown.

We live in a safe and peaceful corner of our world. Our police officers keep the streets safe and we look out for each other. In these times, though, we just never know what might happen. It only takes one or two lone wolves to cause a problem, and each of us must be vigilant and alert, watching for any possible dangerous situation.

Three times during the week leading up to this year’s Peach Festival while quaffing a cold Oast House Barnraiser draft at Butler’s Sports Bar and the Sandtrap Pub, I heard whispers that a few elderly NOTLers were up to no good. They were planning to put a dozen or so rotten peaches in a plastic bag, rent e-scooters and drive carefully along Queen Street to create some excitement.

While passing Taylors, they were going to heave the rotten peaches at the popular cover band Back in the Daze. This would cause excitement, make a mess, and nobody would be injured. No arrests would be made.

The incident would be reported as Canada’s first “drive-by fruiting.”