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Apr. 1, 2020 | Wednesday
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Writers' Circle: The Yellow Door
The Yellow Door. (Supplied)


There before me, stands a yellow door.

Framed in brown, it sits in an open field.

What lies beyond this portal is a mystery.

A young woman approaches, intense.

Her young body flows to the entry.

She stops and stares into the colour.

A closed fist opens to reveal a key.

Inserted, she twists; it does not give way.

It remains locked, only to a special user.

From shadows an older woman appears.

“I have the key you need.” She beckons,

“You must listen before you see beyond.

This man you love is special to me.

You must love him and respect him,

As he will promise to do for you.

You both have your lives together.

Though I enter now, I enter alone.

You may view, but cannot follow.

What you see may not be shared.

For mine is a journey of one.”

She moves forward and uses her key.

It turns the lock with precision.

She rotates the knob in her hand.

The latch releases and creaks begin.

An unearthly drone fills the air.

It is a deafening silence that unbolts

What lies on the other side?

The older woman gives an empty stare

The young girl questions her expression.

Mystically, the lady passes through.

The young woman watches … mesmerized.

Within a moment the door closes behind.

She withdraws from the door mystified.

Her young man watches from nearby,

Looking for meaning of this vision.

“Where is my mother going?”

“What lies beyond that yellow door?”

The girl turns to answer him,

“She follows the path chosen for her

But charges me to be the gatekeeper,

Of this door you see before you.

One day we too will use this key

To find what lies beyond its wood.

Until then a promise made,

Will be a promise fulfilled,

It is what it is…

On this side … of the yellow door.”