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Apr. 1, 2020 | Wednesday
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Exploring photos: The greasy pole
Not many got to the end of the greasy pole – and the reward of a $1 bill. (Jim Smith/Submitted)

Labour Day was filled with many activities put on by the Niagara firefighters up to the mid-1950s. There were potato sack races, tug o’ war, wheel barrel races and bingo. These events took place in both Simcoe Park and at Queen’s Royal Park. But one event took place at the Niagara dock where a large pole was suspended from shore over the Niagara River. The pole was kept slippery with plenty of grease and a dollar bill was tacked to the far end. All you had to do was walk out on the pole and retrieve the dollar bill and it was yours. Not many made it, as seen in this 1927 picture where the young man making an attempt is seen flying with his legs up in the air as he heads for the water below.