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May. 20, 2022 | Friday
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First open mic creates a buzz at the legion
Scott Davidson, Randy Busbridge and Scott Harris perform at the first open mic held at the NOTL Legion Sunday. (Dariya Baiguzhiyeva/Niagara Now)

For Niagara-on-the-Lake musicians like Keith Williams, Sunday's open mic show at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 124 was a great way to meet people who share the same interest in performing.

“This is just what this town needs. I tried to get one (show) going myself, without any results,” Williams said. “This is good, this is going to do a great job.”

Williams said he’s lived in town for 11 years and he’s always been looking for someone he could perform with. Playing guitar has always been his hobby and it’s “very rewarding,” he added.

About 40 people came out to support the legion for the debut of the monthly show, with about half a dozen performers taking the stage.

Most of them played musical instruments, such as a guitar or a ukulele, although one performer, Holmes Hooke, performed his own spoken word poetry.

“It’s our first attempt at it," said legion president Paul Eramian. “We’re having a lot of fun and a lot of people are here having a good time.”

NOTL musician Randy Busbridge, aka Buzz Hummer, hosted the show and helped to back up other performers.

Depending on how many people sign up to perform, each of the performers may be limited to three to five songs, Busbridge said.

“You don’t want people waiting forever for their turn,” he said. “If not too many people come, then they’re stuck with me.”

One performer, Ann Goff, was in town visiting her sister. Goff is a busker from Newcastle, England, and she often performs at pubs there. She said she saw a story in the newspaper about the open mic event and decided to come in to listen and perform.

“It was good,” Goff said of her experience singing and playing guitar at the legion. “Once I saw people enjoying it, it helps you.” 

Open mics at the legion will be held from 2 to 6 p.m. on the first Sunday of each month. Everyone is welcome to attend or perform.