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Jul. 13, 2020 | Monday
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The Golden Plunger: Prince of Wales Drawing Room
Ayah Doumani accepts a Golden Plunger award for the Prince of Wales hotel. (Plunger Patrol)

Betty and Jane

Plunger Patrol

Prince of Wales Drawing Room 

We recently treated ourselves to a taste of Victorian elegance in the Drawing Room of the Prince of Wales hotel. Exported back in time with ornately decorated tea sets, tasty scones and over-the-top royal treatment, we enjoyed our pots of tea in an atmosphere of high taste in every sense of the word. From the adornment of rose chandeliers to floral tablecloths and teapots, the Prince of Wales brought our whimsical garden party indoors. This Victorian Tea Room is fit to be enjoyed by guests who appreciate regal dining with an imaginative twist. The attention to detail defined a more elegant era.

Well, you can guess the details we were most interested in. The newly renovated main-floor washrooms are lovely. We preferred the elevator-accessible downstairs washrooms that complemented our drawing room experience. The porcelain sinks' beautiful blue and white pattern was actually similar to the china tea pot that served my Earl Grey. Clean bright and elegant, the Prince of Wales' washrooms rate 4.5/5 Golden Plungers.

4.5/5 Golden Plungers