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Oct. 19, 2021 | Tuesday
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Linc Farms recycles pumpkins
Livestock on Linc Farm snack on donated pumpkins this fall. (Supplied)

Hundreds of pumpkins used as autumn decorations go to waste after the season – that’s why Linc Farm owner Juliet Orazietti put out a call for donations this year which resulted in an “overwhelming response,” she said.

“We received a lot, much more than I expected,” Orazietti said.

This is the first year Linc Farms at Southbrook put out a public request for donated pumpkins to help feed the livestock, she said. She posted the request on the local Facebook group called NOTL 4U after a suggestion from Bjarne Hansen who mediates the group.

“Someone on one of the local Facebook groups called and asked me if we were looking for donated pumpkins. He manages one of the groups and he asked if I would post something, and I did.”

“This is the first year we received so many from the community in such a big way,” she said.

Though the farm does receive donations from Alpine Nurseries on Creek Road as well.

She said it was really nice to see how many local residents reached out to donate.

“People brought enough pumpkins to fill three, one-tonne grape bins. In addition to the four bins from Alpine Nurseries,” she added.

The farm received more than 100 pumpkins to feed the pigs and chickens on the farm, and “the sheep have decided they like the pumpkins, too,” she said.

Pumpkins are great extra feed for the animals to have this time of year because there’s not as much grass for them to eat. Also, the seeds are a natural de-wormer for the pigs, she said, so, that’s an “extra good thing for the fall going into the winter.”

“And they are just a good nutritious food for them, and they like it.”

Linc farm only accepts donations of uncarved pumpkins, she said.

“We tried jack-o-lanterns before, but it’s a bit of a food safety issue just because they could have candles or wax or mold and stuff in there – we try to keep them fresh.”