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Dec. 2, 2020 | Wednesday
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Letter: Insulting comments about longtime residents complaining about bird cannons

Dear editor:

In response to the letter submitted by J. Richard Wright last week, wherein he states he is OK with growers using percussion devices to minimize damage to their crops, we would reply as follows.

We find his insulting comments, appalling.

He categorizes entire Escarpment bench neighbourhoods, and we would speculate has never met any of the local residents that live here, as being “born devoid of imagination, foresight or common sense.”

Once again, he along with Bill Cochrane Sr., assumes that we just arrived from the GTA, and now we are complaining about the explosive daily noise.

Nothing could be further from the truth, as readers could see from last week’s edition that we have been living here for a lot longer than they assume.

It is hard to believe that because we are attempting to deal with an issue that is violating both our human rights and our property rights, and have taken a polar opposite position to Mr. Wright, that he feels he is justified in insulting citizens who live in Escarpment bench neighbourhoods.

Jim and Irene Fisher