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Aug. 3, 2020 | Monday
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Glendale Notes: Final draft of Niagara District Plan revealed
The Glendale District Plan phase two. (Supplied)

Steve Hardaker

Community Correspondent

Glendale-area residents got another peek last week at what their community might look like as it develops over the coming years.

The Region of Niagara conducted the last of three public information meetings to inform and gather input for Phase 2 of the Glendale Niagara District Plan on Nov. 20.

Phase 2 commenced in October 2018 with an objective to transform the Phase 1 vision into definitive land use plans and strategies for economic development within the district.

About 60 people attended the latest presentation.

Attendees reviewed display panels showing proposed land use planning concepts and streetscape renditions of the district before a formal presentation by Niagara Region senior planner Kirsten McCauley.

The Glendale district has been divided into residential components including low-, medium- and higher-density builds, plus mixed uses, a hospitality district north of the QEW, and a protected employment component north of the QEW on either side of York Road.

Niagara College has been designated a special study area as the college works to complete its own master plan.

The highlight of the district will be a proposed main street running from Glendale Avenue to the Outlet Collection mall. Builds along the main street will be mixed-use with ground-floor businesses and amenities, and residential above.

The other highlight was a proposed combined community and multi-modal transit hub at the corner of Glendale Avenue and Taylor Road.

McCauley said the next steps will be to gather more input from the community through a crowdsource commenting platform on the region’s website,

Based on ideas and suggestions they receive, staff will prepare the final district plan for town and regional council approvals in the first quarter of 2020. A regional official plan amendment and Glendale Secondary Plan update will follow.

In response to one resident’s question concerning timeframes for development, McCauley said, “the Glendale district plan is a long-term strategy for growth and development. The update to the Glendale secondary plan will be the vehicle to implement the land use designations and policy framework to achieve the vision of the district plan.

“The secondary plan will also be informed by technical studies that review transportation, infrastructure, the natural environment and commercial land needs, among others. Following the completion of the secondary plan, the timing of development is largely dependent on the landowners and when they are ready to submit applications,” she said, 

While many factors could affect timing, “it would be fair to think it’s probably five years before you see any major residential construction starting. The district plan vision for ultimate build-out of the entire Glendale area may go well beyond the usual planning timeframe of 2041,” McCauley said.

Steve Hardaker has lived in Glendale for nine years and is active in many community organizations.