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Jul. 10, 2020 | Friday
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Stay Fit: Five stretches to reverse effect of sitting
Jaclyn Willms showing a runners lunge stretch. (Supplied photo)

Jaclyn Willms

Special to The Lake Report

Our culture invites you to take a seat ... and we are inviting you to stand!

Prolonged sitting can be dangerous and associated with an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, depression and joint and muscle pain.

The #1 way to avoid these risks are to stand more!

If standing more isn’t possible because of a long commute or desk job then be mindful to get up as much as possible to keep your body moving and feeling alive. 

Even working out before or after your work day may not compensate for extended sitting. 

In an eight hour work day try to take at least two walking or movement breaks to avoid the effects of prolonged sitting. 

Here are five stretches to help you loosen up your muscles and joints that get tight and tense due to sitting.

1. Runners Lunge

2. Doorway Chest Stretch

3. Figure 4 glute stretch

4. Child’s Pose to Cobra stretch 

5. Foam Roll your upper back (if you have access to a foam roller)

Perform all stretches for about one minute.

For videos on how to perform these stretches correctly visit @niagarafit on instagram.