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Apr. 8, 2020 | Wednesday
Local News
Exploring photos: Vern Davey's butcher shop
Vern Davey's butcher shop. (Supplied)

The store on Queen Street that is now Just Christmas previously was the Niagara Advance’s printing and publishing office. Prior to the Advance, the store was home to Vern Davey’s butcher shop. This picture shows Davey’s shop as it looked at that time. The man standing in the middle is Edward Sherlock, who was the chief of police. It was the Davey family who took in my grandmother from the Bernardo home in England. She lived upstairs in this building and it is here that she met my grandfather. My great-grandfather had his barber shop just next door and I can see his barber pole on the right edge of the picture just under where the photo is torn.