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Nov. 30, 2021 | Tuesday
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Garage sales 'not recommended,' says mayor
Despite the town urging people not to hold garage sales, someone in Garrison Village held one on the weekend. (Richard Harley)

The Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake is asking people not to hold garage sales during the state of emergency due to COVID-19.

As of press time Wednesday, Lord Mayor Betty Disero could not confirm if garage sales are technically illegal under provincial orders, but she said they are “not recommended.”

The town put out a news release in early May to let people know: “Garage and yard sales are considered to unnecessarily encourage contact between individuals. As such, the town will not permit sales of this kind to take place while emergency orders remain in effect, or until further notice is given.”

The release said town bylaw officers will be “following up with reported or spotted advertisements for garage or yard sales, advising those responsible not to operate. Persons found in contravention of these warnings will be fined.”