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Aug. 6, 2020 | Thursday
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Letter: Councillors deserve our gratitude

Dear editor:

The heat of summer and the constraints of COVID-19 have affected all of us.

So, when I read the front page news about our council, our lord mayor and a former mayor debating the niceties of procedural motions at yet another council meeting, ("Council gets heated up on masks, street closure," July 16), I wonder whether The Lake Report is writing to promote its ability to sow seeds of discord or whether the editor actually believes this is newsworthy.

And all the letters to the editor upset about what the councillors did or didn’t do – it's too much. People, get a grip. I think all the councillors deserve a vote of gratitude. This is a tough town to govern – especially on a part-time basis for a pittance a year. It's clearly a labour of love for all of them.

And on top of that, writers are pillorying the provincial and federal members in letters to the editor. I know, I know it’s a sacred trust to be elected to govern – but please lighten up.

Everyone is trying hard and doing the best they can in the circumstances.

And remember approximately 80 per cent (2018) of your property tax bill goes to the region and the province – only 20 per cent (2018) stays here at home in the prettiest little town.

Brad Nixon