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Aug. 14, 2020 | Friday
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Exploring Photos with the NOTL Museum: Senator Plumb-White House
Exploring photos with the Niagara-on-the-Lake Museum.

This is a 1920s photograph of the former Senator Plumb-White House on King Street. The perspective is from Castlereagh Street, not far from the front of the NOTL Museum. The home was located where Parliament Oak stands today. Across the street one can now find wartime housing rather than the former military reserve lands known as the Commons that you see here. This significant home had 10 fireplaces and four staircases. There were basement kitchens with grand fireplaces that were falsely believed by some to be secret tunnels running underground. The house was demolished is 1943 to build Parliament Oak School. All materials from the demolition were sold and incorporated into many homes around town.