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Sep. 21, 2020 | Monday
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Letter: The 'other' McFarland House in NOTL
Kaspar Pold’s “other” McFarland House. (Supplied)

Dear editor: 

I read with great interest the story by columnist Brian Marshall on the McFarland House, "A family legacy."

The house is one of the marvels of keeping our history alive and our commitment to a Niagara, which is both rich in atmosphere and beautiful in its maintenance of nature, woodlands and parkways.

I would draw your attention to David Hemmings' book "The House of McFarland" (2011, Bygones Publishing) and refer you to pages 105 to 107, regarding the "other" McFarland house. My wife (since passed away) and I had conversations with David during his research for this book.

We have tried to keep the essential character of the house, refurbishing where possible (and with no access to any grant monies for the purpose) with such aspects as the missing shutters, now replaced. The very old split cedar rail fence we have also tried to maintain, though it is "growing dim."

Along with the original main McFarland House, mine is a completely unique house, with visible stages of its evolution inside and out. An instructor at the Willowbank School of Restoration Arts used to bring his students to view the various singular features of the house.

Kaspar Pold