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Sep. 21, 2020 | Monday
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Letter: Disgusted by unruly behaviour at protest

Dear editor: 

I was never so disgusted to see such unruly behaviour from humans in the Old Town as was broadcast on Sunday night, Aug. 23, on the CHCH-TV evening news. 

This ongoing protest was about the infamous horse carriage rides.

What an unbelievable scene watching these so-called humans wearing costumes and holding signs screaming and swearing at each other, with some apparent assaults. You people are nuts! 

The hard-working police had barely any chance to try to contain this idiotic behaviour. What a great moral example you set for your kids. I would be really embarrassed to tell somebody that I live in Old Town. 

People must be getting bored of trying to figure out the global pandemic that has been looming over us, taking with it so many lives and making millions severely sick. 

Come on people, get your priorities straight. Stay in your own damn “bubble” and let these people do their job. 

These horses look very healthy and well taken care of. Go after the human monsters who really do abuse animals. Here are a few: puppy mills, breeders, animal poachers and wet zoos in China. These and many more need your help and voice. 

Take care of your own families. My immediate family consists of one rescue black lab and three cats and many more before them. I love them to the moon. They make my heart warm and fuzzy. I get along better with animals than I do most people. 

Why can’t we all listen to John Lennon’s moving ballad when he sang: "Give peace a chance."

This should be the anthem of the world. Just try it. 

Shirley Gyurko