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Sep. 24, 2020 | Thursday
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Ten bushels of tomatoes make 148 quarts of sauce
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 It is that time of year again, the tomato harvest.

And with it comes the preserving of all those luscious red tomatoes.

Many families are getting together – cautiously – to bring back the custom of home canning, many saying it was the unpredictability of supplies during the past months due to the COVID-19 virus that pushed them to get back to basics.

Denise Ascenzo, Lesley Stewart and Leila Ascenzo-Wakefield were no exception as they set about to can 10 bushels of tomatoes this past weekend. The weather was perfect and the comaraderie of a family get-together made the tiring process fun.

Their yield, which they will share among four households, was 148 quarts. Now, Ascenzo says, it's on to the next harvest –  red peppers.