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Oct. 27, 2020 | Tuesday
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Rambunctious kitty Micky recovering after leg amputated
Micky the cat. (Supplied)

Editor’s note: In September, NOTL resident Janice White rescued an injured kitten she found on Lakeshore Road. Here is an update on his story.


Janice White
Special to The Lake Report

Last week Micky spent time regaining his strength and getting strong for his surgery.  He is the sweetest little kitten. He loves to cuddle beside me and watch birdie videos on YouTube. He’ll lie there purring and will reach out and try and touch them.

Micky, named after former boxer Micky Ward, had surgery on Oct. 5 to amputate his front left paw as the result of severe nerve damage and came home on Oct. 6. 

The first day was a little unsettling. He is supposed to rest and be quiet for the first week. I had a dog crate ready for him and he immediately started to climb the walls of the crate. Certainly not resting and being quiet! This little kitten just wanted to run around.

My first thoughts were it's going to be hard to keep this little guy quiet. Additional sedation was added to keep him calm and he slept through the first night.  Now, he can focus on healing. He’ll have lots of time to run and learn how to play again in the next few weeks.

I’m so happy to have Micky back for now. The community has shown such overwhelming support of Micky, for which I am very grateful.  When he is better, we will be looking to the community to find him a wonderful and safe home.