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Jan. 25, 2021 | Monday
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Letter: Vaccine distribution another botched project

Dear editor:

We have witnessed worldwide the contempt, shock and public backlash against the criminal sentencing in our court systems, often described as "criminals have more rights than the victim."

As we, and in particular our front-line worker, long-term care homes and higher-risk seniors in the Niagara region and elsewhere wait patiently for the COVID-19 vaccine, our society's worst imprisoned criminal population is at the head of the line.

To call this as outrageous is a gross understatement and just another of our elected officials' mishandling of the whole crisis, from procurement to distribution.

We are quarantined. Could we not quarantine convicts in their cells? Vaccinate the guards and service staff first. Are nurses, doctors and law-abiding seniors etc. not as important as our prisoners?

Pharmacist Sean Simpson has said he was hoping the government would apply "lessons learned" from the flu vaccine shortage debacle. That's wishful thinking as these actors could not organize a booze-up in a pub.

Another Doug Ford rollout disaster is the legalized cannabis market, which he effectively killed by throttling the number of retail outlet stores. Ontario with a population of 14.6 million has 100-plus stores -- in comparison Alberta with a third of the population, at 4.4 million, has 300-plus stores.

The illegal market loves Doug Ford and while the illegal sector is booming, investors lost hundreds of millions as legal company's stocks got wiped out. 

In summation, as I wrote in a letter last week, we have to take the play away from our officials in Ottawa and Queen's Park. In concert with our local health authorities, let's establish and staff our own distribution centres. When it comes to distribution, this writer would have involved real professionals from Amazon, Walmart, Ikea etc., whose businesses live and breathe distribution.

Real distribution experts, not Ret. Gen. Rick Hillier, who is purportedly drawing $ 20,000 per month.

Samuel Young