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May. 24, 2022 | Tuesday
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Pumphouse hosting Canada Day scavenger hunt
The Niagara Pumphouse Arts Centre. (File photo)

NOTL's Pumphouse Arts Centre is hosting a Canada Day art scavenger hunt that will lead participants to various artworks and locations throughout town.

Some local artists will be setting out their pieces for the public to view on July 1.

“We love engaging with our community and promoting the local arts scene," said Rima Boles, director of the Pumphouse.

"The Canada Day Art Scavenger Hunt is a perfect opportunity to showcase the local talent while having fun doing it.”

Participants will have to answer questions related to the artwork, artist or venue for a chance to win an art-themed gift bag donated by area artists, studios and galleries.

The entry form to join is in the "news" section of the website. Completed forms must be off before July 5 in the mail slot at the door of the centre of a scanned copy of the form can be emailed to

Leading up to this event, the Pumphouse held virtual meetings with area professional artists and representatives of art galleries and commercial spaces to form a Niagara-on-the-Lake Arts Collective.

A common goal shared by those who attended was "to advance the local arts community through promotion, partnership and networking initiatives."

Lise Andreana, chair of the Pumphouse's board, said, “We are proud of our role in growing the artistic community in NOTL while building strong ties to our cultural partners through collaborative public events."

"These efforts increase awareness and appreciation of the visual arts in our region. By working together, there is so much potential for NOTL to become known as a destination for visual arts.”

The Canada Day Art Scavenger Hunt is the start of many promotional activities the NOTL Arts Collective is planning in the coming months, she said.

The Pumphouse also is inviting Niagara-on-the-Lake professional artists to join the group and help build the arts collective. Information to participate is found on the centre's website.