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Jan. 19, 2022 | Wednesday
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Chautauqua parking restrictions, hefty fines approved by town
The Chautauqua Park is at the centre of Circle Street, which will now have parking restricted to its inner circle only. (File)

Town council has voted unanimously to install no-parking areas on one side of all the streets north of Circle Street in Chautauqua, including the entirety of Circle Street’s inner ring.

The Friends of Ryerson Park group has been one of the main drivers of increased restrictions in the area, having led delegations to town council throughout the year raising concerns about parking and safety concerns in the neighbourhood.

“We certainly feel good that council over the last few months recognized that we have issues down here and have accepted our recommendations in a number of cases,” Friends of Ryerson Park representative Brian Crow told The Lake Report.

An online town survey showed most respondents preferred to implement even stricter parking measures.

The majority said they wanted no parking on either side of the streets in Chautauqua and a permit system to be implemented for residents.

Respondents also voiced concerns that street parking was preventing access to the area for emergency vehicles.

But the fire department said stricter restrictions were not necessary, according to a staff report.

“Prohibiting parking on both sides of the street and implementing a parking permit system would be onerous from an administrative and enforcement perspective and would not address access concerns,” the report said.

Even without the stronger restrictions, Crow said he is happy council is doing something.

“It feels good, absolutely it does,” he said, adding he has already seen an improvement in the area.

“It’s improved, certainly more than we expected it to be by the summer, so we thank them for that,” he said.

There will be 61 no-parking signs installed throughout the neighbourhood to enforce the controls. A special enforcement area has been declared around Chautauqua, which means violators will be hit with an additional $150 penalty on top of existing fines.

The town will also be moving the two-way stop-signs at the intersection of Niagara Boulevard/Shakespeare Avenue and Vincent Avenue, to make them more visible.

As well, “Share the Road” and “Pedestrians Ahead” signs will be erected on Niagara Boulevard to increase traffic safety, according to the report.

The total cost of the changes will be $9,105 and will be charged to the roads department budget.