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Jan. 28, 2022 | Friday
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Archeologist hosts presentation on Queenston battle
John Brant was one of the Indigenous leaders whose forces were pivotal in the outcome of the Battle of Queenston Heights. (Evan Saunder)

The Friends of Fort George will hosts a special Zoom presentation Oct. 15 on the archeology of the Redan Battery and the Battle of Queenston Heights.

Led by archeologist Suzanne Plousos, the lecture will examine the work of Elizabeth Snow, an archeologist who excavated the site in 1975 to record the structural layout for restoration of the gun emplacement.

"Review of her artifact collection in 2012, 200 years after the battle, yielded unanticipated evidence of that fateful day, Oct. 13, 1812," Friends of Fort George executive director Amanda Gamble said in a news release.

"The Battle of Queenston Heights holds great significance in Canadian military lore. This major victory early in the War of 1812 cemented Niagara Loyalists' sympathy for the British cause and inspired many to stand against American invasion of Upper Canada," Gamble added.

"Maj.-Gen. Isaac Brock’s demise while leading a frontal attack to retake the Redan Battery gave loyalists their exemplary hero. Throughout this engagement the Redan Battery played a pivotal role and would later become a stopping point for visitors to the battlefield."

The event is free for members of the Friends of Fort George and is $5 for non-members. Email to reserve a spot.