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Mar. 30, 2020 | Monday
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Letter to the editor: Re: Possible region amalgamation
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As we debate Town vs. Region and which is best I thought the following letter to the editor of The Niagara Advance, published October 19, 2002, might be appropriate. I was the author.

When we first moved to Niagara-on-the-Lake from Toronto we fell in love with the history and ambiance of the lovey town. Being a cynic however I could see that this little town in the Colonies could not and would not survive the influx of newcomers. The fact that of every $1 paid in real estate taxes we have a lord mayor and eight councillors to manage 18 cents!

The other 82 cents are managed by regional council on which we have two representatives! Not quite fair representation!

Since we came to town, schools and hospitals have been closed ... again by boards on which NOTL has been under-represented.

Now we have the province studying local regional governance.

Better late than never.

The reality is that for all the untold millions of tax dollars that we, the citizens of NOTL, send to Niagara Region, Queen’s Park and Ottawa, little is returned.

I would suggest it is time to secede from the disasters that surround us and declare NOTL a City State and govern ourselves in all areas of endeavour.

Constant news reports confirm the mismanagement of the upper levels of government and waste, corruption, pork barreling and the like appear to be the norm.

We, in NOTL could field a military at least equal to that of Ottawa. Our navy would be jet propelled, and our airport would have working aircraft and helicopters!

Our economy would continue to generate the wealth for the Town to prosper and the money now expended on the salaries of the MP, MPP, Regional Councillors, their staffs, offices, perks, etc., would swell the coffers of Newark Neighbours and Red Roof Retreat, and realty taxes could be reduced and there would be no sales or income taxes. All tax money now flushed down the river to the region, Queen’s Park and Ottawa would remain in Town to be spent far more wisely for the benefit of NOTL’ers.

The governing body would be close and would be held accountable and we would impose a two-term limit with no termination allowances, indexed pensions or other perks. Councillor’s jobs will be a mark of community service, not a profession.

It is time that the mouse roared!

It is likely that our move to secede may just set a nation-wide trend for others who are equally disheartened by the lack of leadership in an over-governed and inefficient nation.

Accordingly I propose the NOTL secede from the region, Ontario and Canada but retain its place as part of the British commonwealth flying proudly the Union Jack and singing heartily God Save the Queen.