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Jul. 7, 2020 | Tuesday
Editorials and Opinions
Letter to the editor: No help for restoring historic homes
The condition of this home is an example of benign neglect, columnist Brian Marshall says. (File photo)


Dear editor:

I am writing regarding the May 2 ArchiText column by Brian Marshall about historic properties that succumb to neglect. 

I’d like to say that while I share Mr. Marshall’s sentiments (I too have watched for years as the house in the picture falls into ruin with absolutely no attempt at any maintenance by anyone), but I have to point out that I own the “other” McFarland House, at 1436 Concession 2.

I came to the house as a buyer 12 years ago and it was starting to look just like the one in your picture. My wife and I set to work and I now think (my wife passed away) the house is not just recovering, but thriving.

However, this was not due to any assistance or advice I received from anybody: In fact, I received none, despite asking for it.

I asked, among others, the “good folk” at the so-called “school of restoration” in Queenston, who did not bother to even reply to me.

If others have had the same experience that is one of the explanations for why our historic heritage is disappearing.

I gather the “rich folk” who own the Old Town historic properties can tap into funds for restoration, but not so us yokels with equally, if not more so, historic heritage buildings.

Kaspar Pold