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Oct. 21, 2021 | Thursday
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Column: Tired? Yes, but I'm inspired to be better
Brittany Carter. (Niagara Now)

I’ve been inspired – and I’ve been quick to tell anyone who will listen.

Working that hustle, I’m the first one to complain of being tired.

In fact, in some circles, if I haven’t alluded in one form or another to my higher-than-average level of exhaustion, I’ll be questioned about it. It’s gotten to that point of expectancy in my conversations – and I hate it.

To be fair I am busy.

I’m a mother of two (very active) young girls, a wife, I work full-time writing for this wonderful paper, and I’ve held onto a part-time bartending gig in Niagara Falls just for the fun of it.

I incorporate as much time running and practising yoga as I can squeeze into my schedule.

Trying to stay on top of maintaining a house, a family and a career-and-a-half would certainly exhaust most anyone. So sure, I feel a little justified when I respond to questions of ‘How are you?’ with, “I’m tired.”

But that’s a cop-out.

After meeting the incredible Sheila Hirsch-Kalm I was inspired. I spent the afternoon walking her gorgeous gardens and listening to her even more fascinating life story. She’s lived a full life and, more than that, she’s not willing to lay it all down yet.

Where some might say to themselves, “I’ve battled cancer, I’ve lived 83 years, I’ve travelled the world – it’s time to slow down,” Sheila says – “I’ll rest when I’m dead.”

She’s not about to let anything slow her down.

So, in that vein and with her inspiration behind me, I vow to respond to questions of how I’ve been with more thought and more deliberation.

Sure, we’re all busy. What would life be without those schedules keeping us on track? We can all do better and all I ask is instead of simply responding with “I’m busy” or “I’m tired,” pause to think about how wonderful it is to get to be busy.

Niagara-on-the-Lake is a vibrant, bustling community.

It wouldn’t be the incredible place it is without the inspiring people or the hard workers who keep it going. Appreciate the hard work, appreciate the schedule and appreciate the life you have.

Yes, I’m busy and yes, I’m tired. But I’m happy and thankful I get to meet the people I do through this job and humbled by the inspiration of so many, like Sheila.

So, from now on – I’ll say, “I’m wonderfully happy and grateful” – instead of that “I’m tired” we’ve all grown so accustomed to hearing. I urge you do the same.