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Nov. 14, 2019 | Thursday
Editorials and Opinions
Letter to the editor: Cycling tourists are an accident waiting to happen
Cyclists ride along a rural road in 2018 as oncoming traffic approaches. (Richard Harley/Niagara Now)


Dear editor:

I’m driving down Creek Road from Virgil going to St. Davids. On the opposite side about eight bikers (no helmets) also going in our direction were weaving all over the place. Not necessarily single riding.

Wow, crazy! 

Cars coming toward Virgil were swinging out into our lane, crossing the yellow line to stay as far away from these twits as they could. 

This was causing our traffic to move over into the bike lane on our side. Got past them and darn, here we go again with about six more. 

Another issue: about 15 bicycles coming down Creek Road (again, no helmets) and weaving and darn, doesn’t one end up in the ditch. 

Going down Line 3 (no bike lanes) has been a chore, with groups of bikers going from one winery to the other, often about 15 with a guide.  Really!  

Coming out of Line 2 at Four Mile Creek Road and I see about 15 bicycles coming from Niagara Stone Road and down Creek. 

I can’t get out fast enough to beat these dangerous people.  And, coming out of Silks, here are about eight cyclists on the sidewalk going down Stone Road.  (I can’t blame them for staying on the sidewalk, as it’s much safer there and not many people use these sidewalks anyway). 

This is a serious accident waiting to happen. What the hell is this all about? Oh wait: making money!

This little village has gone to hell in a bicycle basket. Don’t get me started on the “pro” cyclists going down the Parkway who are too good to use the bike path.  

On a different note: Niagara residents put up with a lot because of the overload of tourists and the town decides to ticket residents during the night?   Give us a break.  What kind of neighbours would complain?  Well, I guess we all know.

Sandie Schulz