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Jan. 28, 2020 | Tuesday
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Betty & Jane Plunger Patrol: Chili Jiao
Steve Ding accepts the Gold Plunger for Chili Jiao restaurant. (Plunger Patrol/Special)

Chili Jiao brings inspiring Chinese flavours, steeped in thousands of years of tradition, to Niagara-on-the-Lake. Plunger Patrol is one of the newer traditions. Enjoy the Sichuan food, a style of cuisine known for its bold, spicy flavour, which comes from the inclusion of Sichuan peppers. Plunger Patrol also has a bold, spicy sense of style. Guess where we boldly went? Dim sum, meaning a “Touch of Heart,” offers you a variety of tasty fried and steamed dumpling options. Dim sum for $1, every day. Of course, we had to try it. Guess what else we had to try? That’s right, the restrooms. The bathrooms, like the dining room, were inspired by the relaxed style of Niagara-on-the-Lake, with a nod to Chinese tradition. Their unique atmosphere, paired with excellent service from the knowledgeable servers, creates a dining experience that is not to be missed. The bathroom experience is also not to be missed. The men’s bathroom has one lone glass rooster. A nod to the past when this location was home to The Red Rooster restaurant. The bathrooms will have you seeing red but only because that is the accent colour of choice here.

Chili Jiao received 3.5 / 5 Gold Plungers.

3.5/5 Gold Plungers

Betty & Jane