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Jan. 28, 2020 | Tuesday
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Betty & Jane Plunger Patrol: The Garrison House
Monique Turcotte accepts the Gold Plunger on behalf of the Garrison House. (Plunger Patrol/Special)

After touring around the Old Town of NOTL you might enjoy a quieter setting for a “petite dejeuner” at Garrison Village. The phrase, “Come hungry darlin’ “ certainly fits this laid-back gastro-pub with its beer, wine and inspired plates of burgers and entrees. We enjoyed a light lunch and especially found the Parsnip Hummus a must try “appy” that would please the most discerning palate. This newer venue has combined the old with the new incorporating wide-plank floors and exposed beams, giving a taste of contemporary nostalgia. The restrooms were clean, large and provided several safety features, making it accessible for all. The toilet tissue pyramid sculpture tempted one’s own creative side to make an installation art piece of their own … Please take a picture and share on Jane Betty John’s Facebook page should you decide to become a “Privy Picasso.” The lavatory at the  Garrison House was awarded a Gold Plunger earning 4\5 Plungers.

The Garrison House received 4 / 5 Gold Plungers.

4/5 Gold Plungers

Betty & Jane