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Jan. 28, 2020 | Tuesday
Editorials and Opinions
Letter to the editor: Youthful illegal crossings of the Queenston-Lewiston Bridge
The Queenston-Lewiston Bridge circa 1961. (Jim Smith/Supplied)


Dear editor:

Thank you for a very good story about the Queenston-Lewiston Bridge by Linda Fritz (“Crossing the bridge used to be much simpler,” Aug. 1).

The story mentioned how some people were known to make unconventional crossings to the United States, sometimes swimming across the river or climbing across the under-structure of the bridge.

Just to let you know, in my younger days, I illegally walked across the bridge on at least three occasions.

First, I walked through one of the two main girders under the bridge and at least once or twice I walked on a catwalk that was under the middle of the bridge.

The catwalk floor was made of heavy gauge wire, like a chain-link fence, so when you looked down, the river was directly below and it looked like a thousand miles down.

On two other occasions, a friend and myself slid someone’s row boat into the water and in the dark rowed across the river, went up the steep bank on the American side and went into a bar.

We rowed back and put the boat back where we found it. This would have been around 1959. The enclosed picture shows the new Queenston-Lewiston Bridge while it was under construction. 

This picture would be from around 1961, I believe.

Jim Smith