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Feb. 20, 2020 | Thursday
Editorials and Opinions
Betty & Jane Plunger Patrol: Twisted Vine
Joe Marchese and Jill Fortune accept the Gold Plunger for Twisted Vine. (Plunger Patrol/Special)

As its name implies, the Twisted Vine Kitchen & Market has a theme. A portion of the seating is in their market area. Favourite restaurant sauces, canned goods and oils can be purchased for home use. And there’s a fabulous antipasti selection. The place had only been open for six weeks when we arrived. The first thing we noticed was the ceiling height. Gone are the low ceilings of the former Lawrenceville restaurant and the exposed ceiling really opens up the interior. The seating is divided into the dining space and market area. We walked through the market on our way to the highlight of our visit. You guessed it: the washrooms. They were new, clean, accessible and well-appointed. We reviewers gave the Twisted Vine 3.5/5 and a Gold Plunger Award.

3.5/5 Gold Plungers

Betty & Jane