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Jun. 2, 2020 | Tuesday
Editorials and Opinions
Letter: It's not possible to defend actions of PM Trudeau
Letter to the editor

Dear editor:

I would like to respond to my critic, (letter, Oct. 3, "I trust Trudeau to deal with climate crisis, wage gap").

I totally understand your frustration, Elizabeth Oliver-Malone.

If Justin Trudeau was an honest person he would never have run for prime minister. He had no experience or knowledge of running a country.

After all, he was a snowboard instructor and a part-time drama teacher.

He was only elected because of the Trudeau name from his father, who was an over-rated leader fascinated with communism and world

Also, legalization of marijuana helped Justin get elected.

I believe medical marijuana has benefits, but recreational use has caused a surge in black market sales and we don't know the effect it will have on future generations and what social problems it may lead to.

I don't think it is possible to defend this corrupt prime minister, who has shown it is OK to lie to the Canadian people. And, may I add, he is a phony feminist, groper and narcissist with no integrity. Painting your face black and dancing around making fun of black people is far different from simple face-painting and Halloween parties, as you suggested.

Before defending Trudeau, I wish people would do some research instead of just watching CBC, which seems to have become the political arm of the Trudeau government.

George Warkentin