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Jun. 2, 2020 | Tuesday
Editorials and Opinions
Letter: Setting the record straight about signs
Liberal candidate Andrea Kaiser says her campaign is complying with municipal bylaws that restrict where election signs can be placed. She also says "hundreds" of her signs have been illegally removed from people's private property. (File photo/Dariya Baiguzhiyeva)

Dear editor:

I am reaching out today to set the record straight in regards to an unfortunate perception that I have shown a lack of interest in some communities within the riding of Niagara Falls due to the number of visible Liberal signs as compared with other candidates.

This perception could not be further from the truth. I am a dedicated individual knocking on doors across the riding three times a day, one who plans to work hard for Niagara-on-the-Lake, Niagara Falls and Fort Erie if elected as your member of Parliament.

The visible difference in the number of Liberal signs is due to the choice I made to follow local bylaws restricting the erection of election signs on public property or on private property without permission.

My team of volunteers have been instructed to follow these bylaws. I am deeply saddened that this choice has led some residents to feel that I do not care about their community – this is definitely not the case.

I will continue to reach out to local bylaw officers to request illegal signs erected by other candidates’ campaigns be removed as soon as possible to provide for a fair and equitable environment for all candidates.

I have also reached out to a fellow candidate to please ask that their team not re-install their signs on my husband’s farm property.

I would also like to express my deep disappointment in having hundreds of my supporters wake up on the Thanksgiving weekend to see that their election signs were removed from their lawns.

In one instance a video was recorded showing an individual drive up and quickly remove a large Liberal sign and place it in their car. It was located in between two other election signs, each of different candidates, which both remained untouched. These actions demonstrate to me that this was not a random act of vandalism, but rather a targeted operation that was planned in advance. We are working to hand over this footage to local authorities.

One of the reasons I decided to return to politics was to set a positive example for the community and for future generations.

It is unfortunate that I have become a target of those in the community who wish to resort to destructive illegal tactics. I did hope we could have a democratic process allowing everyone to be respected in voicing their opinions.

Andrea Kaiser

Liberal candidate

Niagara Falls riding